These are the questions we would like to ask our penpals in Austria:

  1. How long are your summer holidays?
  2. What time do you start lessons?
  3. What time do you finish lessons?
  4. How long are your lessons?
  5. How many students are there in each classroom?
  6. Do you have to wear a uniform?
  7. Do you have your own lockers?
  8. How are your classrooms decorated?
  9. Is there any special decoration in other parts of the school?
  10. Do you have your own computer in your classroom?
  11. What measures do your teachers take when you misbehave?
  12. How do you keep your classroom clean?
  13. How many breaks do you have?
  14. How long are they?
  15. How many extra activities do you have along the year?
  16. Do your family, teachers and students take part in extra activities?
  17. What sports do you practise at school?
  18. Do you play any sport competitions?
  19. How many travels or trips do you do along the academic year?
  20. Do you travel abroad?
  21. Do you usually work in groups? Do you prefer pair or individual work?
  22. Do you organise special activities to celebrate international days such as AIDS,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEACE DAY OR WOMEN’S DAY?

And here are our answers...