HI, i'm Alba and I am 13 years old. I live in Otura. I like listening to music, specially rock and metal. My favourite animals are dogs and penguins. My favourite subject is Art.I love reading and playing the piano. I've got one brother and one sister. I haven't got any pets.

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Hello, my name is Bea and I'm 13 years old. I live in Otura(Granada). I love doing gymnastics. My favourite animals are tortoises and Hamsters. I like sport and pop music. My favourite subjets are English and P.E. I've got one sister and any brothers. I've got one dog called Sara and one bird called Gustavo Silvestre.

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Hi! my name is Beatriz Garzón. I live in Otura (Granada), I am 13 years old. I have got one brother and I haven't got any sister. I like playing the saxofon. I have got one dog. My favourite colours is blue. I like pop music. My favourite subjets are English and Music. My fouvorite animals are dog and lion.

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Hallo we are David and Florian.
We are 13 years old and we go in the 3D.
David hasn't got a brother or a sister Florian's has got a brother.
Florian's hobbis are table, tennis, fishing, riding his bike and he make the fishing course. David's hobbis are play football table tennis and fishing.
David's favourite animal is a cat and Florians animal is a sheep. David and Flos favourite football club is Barca. Hugs and kisses
Florian David
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