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Irene and María

Hello! We are Irene and María. Irene is 13 old and María is 15 years old. We live in Otura (Granada). We love music. María sings, plays the clarinet and piano and she also plays the cornet. Irene plays football and she attends English class. Our favourite food is pizza. María has got one brother, one sister and two dogs. Irene has got one brother and one cat. We love football and our favourite colour is blue.

Irene's glogster


Hello I'm Jürgen I'm 12 years old my birthday is in 2 month.
I go to class 3d.IMG_1373.jpghttp://www.fcbarcelona.com/
I have 2 sisters an one brother.
My hobbies are playing football and jumping on my trampoline.
My favourite colours are red,blue and orange.
My favourite football club is Fc Barcelona (Puyol).

Hello I'm Jan I'm 13 years old my birthday is in 2 month.
I go to class 3d.
I have 1 brother and 1 sister.
My hobbis are playing football and play with my dog.
My favourite colours are black green and orange
My favourite football club is Real Madrid (Bale). :-)IMG_1375.jpgjan's Glogster