We are Esteban and Cristian

I'm Cristian (Nity) I'm 14 years old, my favourite colour is red and I have one dog call Toro, I love singing and playing football, my favourite food is pizza and pasta, I hate dancing and playing volleyboll, my best friend is called Linares (Coco) and my favourite subject in the school is P.E.

Hello I'm Esteban i'm 13 years old. I have a dog called Quito My favourite color is red and i love playing football with my friends and playing computer games. I hate lenttles. I have a sister called Ainhoa she is 10 years old. My favourite food is pizza and hamburguer. My favourite subject is Phisical Education.

Esteban's glog

Hallo Esteban and Cristian

My name is Elias. Im 12 years old. Im in the class 3d. I have one brother and zero sisters. My hobbies are playing football and tennis and with frinds drive the bike. My favourite animals are dogs and cats. And my favourite colours are blue and red and green.


My name is Tobias. I am 12 years old. Im in the class 3d. I have a brother his name is Hubert. i had anything sisters or brothers. My hobbies are playing computer games and ride a bike. I hear really often music. My musicstyle is Metall. My favourite animals are cats, dogs and rabbits. My favourite colours are green and blue.