Hello! Lukas and David A.

We are Cristina, María José and José. We are students in IES Escultor Sanchez Mesa. We are in Year 8.
We are 13 years old. We live in Dilar. Jose likes play handball,Cristina and María José like dancing and Cristina likes play handball and play football.Also, we like listening to music and play with our friends. The favourite subject of Jose are art and the favourite subject of Cristina and María José is education physical.
Jose's glogster:
Cristina's glogster
Maria's glogster:

José, Cristina and María José

Hello Cristina, Maria and Jose

We are 12 and 13 year old. We live in Mauthausen. We like play football and volleyball too. We have cats with the names Susi, Felix and Sami.
Thank you for the cool videoclip. We like Avicii too.

I'm David

I'm Lukas


Hello. Sorry we forgot to write you again because we have very much stress.

In the last four weeks we visited the ORF, Voestalpine, Ars Electronicacenter and Umdasch. It was very interresting and cool because we saw very many jobs.

After this week we learned for the computertest. Today we had the test and almost all passed it.

Our marks are Ok, and the holidays were very exciting. We were relaxing in out holidays.

David´s Glogster

Lukas Glogster


Hello Lukas and David, this is the last letter.
We are very happy because we meet you. We sent you our whatsapp by email.

We would like that you write us, we can form a group of whatsapp with all the class.
We miss you in summer, we wouldn´t like to leave write with you.

You are very nice and friendly, we love you.

See you soon!