Hi! We are Vanessa, Silvia and Claudia. We are in Year 8.


Vanessa: I live in Otura. I am 13 years old. My favourite subjects are english and phisical education. My favourite colour is purple.I have one dog called Tula. My hobbies are dancing, singing and reading.

Silvia: I live in Otura too. My favourite subjects are music and art. I'm 13 years old. I have one dog called Blanki and it's very nice. Some of my hobbies are playing the piano. listenning to music, readin, singing and dancing. In my free time I meet my friends and we hang out.

Claudia: I am 13 years old. I live in Otura. My favourite subjet is phisical education. I have one dog called Chispy. My hobbies are dancing and listening to music. My favourite colour is purple.

silvia's glogster
claudia's gloster
vanessa's gloster

Sophia:I am 12 years old . I live in Mauthausen with my mum and my brother Christopher.I often listen music and my favourite music style is pop.My hobbies are diving and playing GTA.

I am Sarah i have a cat the cat's name is Felix. I love dancing. My favourite band is One Direction. I live in mauthausen withmy mother my father and my brother. My hobbies are dancing, swimming and singing.

Sophia and Sarah; this is our farewell.
We are going to miss you very much